Urdu Courses


We don’t own any of the below courses.  We have just compiled the list of courses available online. We don’t take any responsibility of its authenticity.  We present these to you as is.

Name Description Link
Maktab e Ahlebait AS (Green Island) Course prepared by Green Island Trust, Karachi Pakistan http://onlineteachings.greenislandtrust.org/course-books/
Talimat e Ahlebait AS (Pakistan) Course used in majority of madaris in Karachi Pakistan, managed by Friends Forum http://site.cispl.com/site/book/#
Rah e Sa’adat (Pakistan) Course based in Karachi Pakistan InPage Format http://islamic-laws.com/download/rahesaadatarngd.zip
Bangalore Madrasa Course being used at Bangalore http://www.islamic-laws.com/Madressa_blore/
World Federation Bangalore Course used by World Federation madaris in Bangalore InPage Format http://islamic-laws.com/download/urduWfcourse.zip
Tanzeemul Makatib Course used by Tanzeemul Makatib http://www.islamic-laws.com/download/Tanzeemcourse.zip
Moassasa Abasaleh Qum   http://abasaleh.org/files/dinyat.php