English Courses


We don’t own any of the below courses.  We have just compiled the list of courses available online. We don’t take any responsibility of its authenticity.  We present these to you as is.

Name Description Link
Shia Ithna’asheri Madressa (SIM) Course of Shia Ithna Asheri Madressa (SIM) Stanmore https://madressa.net/student-notes/
TARBIYAH New curriculum by World Federation for all its madaris around the world.  This is a new project and is a well thought and well organized course.  https://madrasahonline.org/lessons/
QFatima Diniyat books by Qfatima, a UK based organization https://qfatima.com/qschool/
Islamicsyllabus.com Diniyat books by Australian based organization http://islamicsyllabus.com/booklets/
Saba Islamic Center Sunday School Curriculum of Shia Association of Bay Area http://www.saba-igc.org/sunday-school/sabbooks
Imamia Education Center Imamia Education Center California http://www.imamia.org/curriculum.shtml
DCM Middle East Weekly Diniyat Classes Curriculum https://islamic-laws.com/mctmadressa/
Maktab e Ahlebait AS (Green Island) Course prepared by Green Island Trust, Karachi Pakistan http://onlineteachings.greenislandtrust.org/course-books/
Al Sadiq Islamic Academy Islamic Education Center Houston Texas https://iec-houston.org/services/iec-sunday-school/
Kisa KidsIslamic Curriculum by Kisa Kids, both Students and Teachers Guidehttps://kisakids.org/collections/islamic-curriculum